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Garden Photography + Film was seriously everything we could have wanted and more. She not only took all the photos we wanted, she made our plates at dinner for us. She helped me in and out of my dress several times (which was a task). My bustle on my dress kept falling while dancing and she kept hooking it back for me countless times. she even fixed it while I kept dancing!

Julia H.

If you have been following Shelby for a while then you have seen A LOT of my families photos, we just can’t help it because she’s so good at what she does. Shelby has qualities that make us feel welcome and loved in front of her camera. She has patience for my son who mean mugs the camera 99% of the time, she truly listens to your comments and concerns, she is so creative, and she makes you feel comfortable. There are so many different reasons we love Shelby but honestly, her work speaks for itself. There’s not a single picture on her Facebook that you’d see and say “they look awkward” because she makes sure everyone feels at ease being photographed. Shelby has became like family to us and we cannot recommend her enough.

leah h.

Shelby was absolutely amazing. I’m super self conscious about my appearance and my weight, and Shelby did an incredible job at making sure I was comfortable, confident, and having fun. We had THE best time, and we cannot wait for her to shoot all of our life adventures for years to come.

ashlyn s.


I'm based out of Charleston Tennessee but I do travel! I've been photographing for about five years now. I'm a mama to a sassy little girl + aunt to two wild babes. They give me my motivation to continue to work as hard as I can. Also a fur mama to three wild pups. I'm blessed with the best clients who treat me as part of their families. I love being able to capture their stories and watch their families grow.

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