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When you invest your trust + your money into me, I invest everything I have into you, your experience, + your memories. It's not just a click of the button, photographing your session or wedding is a big responsibility. You deserve a photographer who has experience, who has professional equipment + backup gear. Someone who knows how to pose people, work with difficult lighting + who will be there with you + for you 100% of the way! I would love to be that for you!  You have TONS of options when it comes to choosing someone to photograph you. You have different price points, different personalities, different styles, and experiences with every photographer. Do you want somebody to grab you Starbucks on the way, wipe your tears + make sure your makeup doesn't run? Bustle your dress or help put your garter on? Do you want somebody to recognize when you're overwhelmed + need a break from the stress of the day? Someone to laugh with you or cry with you?
Do you need someone to make your partner laugh when they think that photos are over-rated? Want your kids to laugh like they are having the time of their lives? Want me to hype you up any + every chance I can?
Let me be that for you! I've done all of the things mentioned above + plenty more + I would LOVE to do those things for you. 
Your gallery will be as full of love as possible. memories fade all you have left will be your photos or film!



let's do this thing! 

When people feel like they know you and can relate to you, they'll want to work with you. Hands down.

I have the sweetest + most sassy toddler i've ever met. her + my niece + nephew are my world

Southeast Tennessee Born + raised.

No. 3

Climb Machu Picchu in Peru

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Walk a Red Carpet 

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Be a part of a festival of lights